Kit at Leviathan FT

We are Hiring for this 2015 Summer Camp Sessions


Kit at Leviathan FT

Our lead instructor, Kit, helps students with the play-testing

We are hiring interns for 2015 summer camps. Last year, we were impressed by the quality of instructors we had and we will offer kids the same quality of teaching. One of our intern last year just became a lead instructor for this summer’s sessions, so there are opportunities for anyone wanting to join our team of passionate instructors.


Why would I want to intern with DreamQuest Academy?

Because interning with us will be fun, profitable and can be a great stepping stone to your career in the video game industry! DreamQuest Games has been in business for almost 15 years and is a local leader in the video game industry. You will have fun working with our experienced designers, developers, and artists, and most of all, the kids! You will get to work with kids to help create their game design, art and sound assets, and programming, and learn the ins and outs of game design and Unity3D, modeling, animation, and C# programming in the process. The kids’ creativity and passion for games will energize you and give you an immediate way to contribute to a game project. We pay our interns in skills, free food, fun, and hard cash.


What is required to intern with DreamQuest?

You must be at least 18 years old as of June 1, 2015, have solid computer skills, be comfortable working with kids aged 8-16, and have some skill to help them create their game (Unity3D, art, design, 3D modeling, rigging, animation, sound, QA/testing, C# programming, and/or video production).


Are DreamQuest’s internships paid?

Mostly, yes. We struggled with how to deal with the risk we take and time to train you in our tools and Unity3D but still manage our costs and make sure you are committed to working with us. The first camp of ours you work (10 days) you will be an unpaid intern while you undergo training. After those 10 days, you will be paid for the remainder of your time working with us. Your pay rate will be determined during your training period based on your previous experience, performance during training, and how good a fit we see with your skills and would be between $8 and $12/hour. Keep in mind this is just a starting rate, if you continue to work with us, we give regular pay increases and bonuses pursuant to your contribution to the team.


Do you make exceptions for experienced staff?

Sometimes, yes. If you are coming in with extensive industry experience and especially if you already know our tools (Unity3D, Adobe toolset, and Git/Hg revision control) very well and would not require much training, we might make an exception for you. Notate this experience when you fill out the application and elaborate on this in the ‘why we should hire you’ question and we can discuss this one on one.


How do I apply to be an intern?

Please email your resume to and complete our Intern Application ( Please submit your application ASAP as we only have a few spots every summer for interns, and they usually fill up quickly.


How quickly do you decide?

We will review your application and get back to you within a week and proceed to schedule a phone interview if we see a fit.