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2016 DreamQuest Academy Program Overview

DreamQuest Academy offers innovative programs for kids and teens ages 7 to 16 in the Denver and Boulder metro area. We offer STEM-based afterschool programs at both public and private schools, game jam events, and summer camps – all teaching kids engineering and social skills through building videogames.

We leverage our students’ existing passions for videogames to teach them how to code in a fun and creative way: first they learn how to code mods in Minecraft, and then the fundamentals of game design and coding by creating their own unique RPG, FPS, Platformer, 2D, or VR adventure games in Unity, a leading commercial game development engine. Our classes fill a much needed gap between existing elementary school CSed teaching tools like Scratch, Hopscotch, Bitsbox, or Agentsheets, and high school or college courses teaching AP Computer Science, Java, or other career-oriented programming courses.

DreamQuest Academy is very unique in that it grew out of DreamQuest Games, a commercially successful game development studio with over 50 titles shipped for PC, game consoles, and mobile apps over the past 15 years. Our experienced developers now inspire and expose these kids to the very real career possibilities that coding can provide. We motivate youth to challenge themselves by learning new skills, and promote the rewards of being a producer rather than just a consumer of the videogame medium they love. Our uniquely engaging and creative programs are ideal to expose technology and engineering to those with limited access, build proficiency and confidence in themselves, and open their minds to the possibility of a career in Computer Science and Engineering.

Watch DreamQuest Games Camp in Action for this Year 2015 Summer Camps

We are thrilled to show you our video about our vision and our dedication to kids for this year’s 2015 summer camps:

At our summer camp, we guide kids into learning and using skills to make amazing experiences. Creativity is the key to help kids put their newly learnt skills into practice, so that not only they have fun doing what they love but they also make a game they will then proudly present to their family. We think through play kids can learn better useful skills in order for them to create their own video game. While our summer camp focuses on encouraging game development, we do not forget kids need to have fun and play, our schedule provides outdoor activities where they can develop their social skills as they are easily drawn to each other sharing the same interest in games.