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Updated 2016 STEM Summer Camp Schedule


DreamQuest Academy STEM Programs

We have just updated our 2016 Summer Camp Schedule with new STEM programs, times, and locations:

The updated schedule is available here, or via the Parents tab above.

To see available spaces in your preferred location, please click here, or the Register tab above.

Camps start in May and space is filling up fast!
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DreamQuest Games Camp is STEM-Friendly

STEM Blog Post

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. In recent years, schools have become more and more aware of the importance of these three disciplines. And not only these areas of education are important, but they also need to be taught and linked together. Later on this connected knowledge will be necessary in our economy and nation. It is proven that kids attending STEM-focused schools or entering outside programs develop an innovative and critical mind.

At DreamQuest Games Camp, we are applying this emphasis on the connection between each of these disciplines. In fact, game development helps kids develop their understanding of how the four areas are linked. Kids use the technology that is now commonplace in today’s world, they use programs to code lines with their mathematical abilities in order to engineer mechanism that create a virtual experience. We use a problem base learning approach by giving them the tools and know-how to make the game they dream of. Kids attending our camp do not necessarily aspire to become game developers, but their time at DreamQuest Games Camp helps them build connections between different disciplines they will have to deal with the rest of their lives.

Learn More About Our Different Summer Camp Programs

Kids Designing with Camp Shirts and Logo

Summer camps are a good time for kids to do things they would never do at school while having a lot of fun. Today we are to explain how at DreamQuest Games Camp kids can learn to make a game in 1 to 2 weeks and still have the time of their lives making friends and doing field trips and other awesome activities. Our different summer camp programs evolve around the idea to encourage kids to be creative while developing their skills in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). DreamQuest Games Camp is also about bonding and friendship as kids will partner in teams to cooperate in order to pitch their own ideas and undertake a common project.

  • The one week camp is the right introduction to learn about video game development. During this week, video game industry experts will guide kids on the very first steps of game making. Using Unity3D, kids will have more freedom than in any other software to build their own interactive virtual world.
  • The In-Depth Camp program is the perfect way for kids to gain good knowledge and practice game development. During the two-week session, kids will increase their knowledge of game development by learning coding. By the end of the program, they will present a polished game with sound, music and an overall better design.
  • The Advanced Camp is for kids who already have been to one of our past 2-week program as they will need basic knowledge of game development . For two weeks, kids will . The program also comprises the very first step to more complex programming using C# language. Finally, each team will get to see its own game submitted as an application to the Apple App Store to download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Our special schedule helps kids be more attentive and focused during game design sessions while they can relax during free-play time. An afternoon will be dedicated to a field trip in a game development studio so that they can see the behind-the-scenes of how their favorite games are made.

By the end of each camps, teams will be proud enough of their achievement to build a game they will present their games in front of the other teams prior to a final presentation to parents. Finally, each team will be rewarded with a Junior Developer Certificate ; the best games will be awarded in each category: best design, best original idea and best story. Moreover, kids will come back home with all of their hard work so that they can use their newly learned skills to continue building their game after the camp.

Engineer Odyssey

We support STEMgirls!

STEMgirls Logo

DreamQuest Videogame Design Camp has made it our mission to is to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunities for youth. We particularly want to reach out to girls since they have been historically under-represented in STEM classes and careers. We know that STEM camps, classes, and careers are a great way for kids to have fun, make friends, and learn valuable skills that can help them prepare for rewarding careers.

We want more girls enrolled in our camp, but we also want to support other local STEM camps, especially those just for girls. That’s why we’ve partnered with STEMgirls to seek out interested girls for our camps. STEMgirls provides hands-on programming for the under-served population of girls interested in STEM.

STEMgirls offers two camps this summer:

Dog Days Summer Camp
This camp is dedicated to Animal Science STEM with hands-on learning for girls ages 8 – 13. Therapy dogs and their awesome female trainers will be present at this mostly indoor summer camp. Other Animal Science experts will also participate.

Little Free Library/TSA Lab Camp
Participants in this camp is a TSA (take stuff apart) Lab Camp and will be the only STEMgirl camp to build a Little Free Library.

If you know a girl ages 8-13, please share the STEMgirls camp information and encourage her to attend. While you’re at it, encourage the girl you know and her friends to build her own video game in one of our fun sessions.

DreamQuest Videogame Camps to Donate $1000 to Promote STEM Curriculum in Colorado Schools

April 8, 2014 (Boulder, CO) – Local game developer, DreamQuest Games, will be donating $1,000 to an area school’s technology department in conjunction with their STEM-focused Videogame Design Summer Camp. Christopher Williamson, DreamQuest Games owner and lead instructor, explains that he was inspired by President Obama’s State of the Union call-to-action in getting boys and girls excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): “I felt I could really do my part to make a difference by getting kids excited about technology through building their own video game app. Our team can also help a specific area school by donating $1,000 to their technology department.” Christopher thought a way to get both students and schools excited was to offer a contest. The school with the highest student participation at the 2014 summer camps will win the donation, and students save $100 on registration with a school-specific coupon code. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Interested kids build their own unique video game at our camp, a school gets much needed money to support further STEM lessons, and I am able to support the President’s focus on STEM education,” Williamson says.

DreamQuest Academy is the only video game design camp in Colorado where each instructor has experience in the video game industry, and this year the camps will include cutting-edge game technology including Virtual Reality (VR). “This year I am super-excited to be the first tech camp to offer kids the opportunity to develop games using the new OculusVR prototype,” Williams says. “students don’t realize or even care that we are teaching a STEM curriculum, but parents and teachers see the importance of offering skills that are fun and valuable.” One camper, Chris (age 12), took his game from the camp and continued working on it, even publishing it on an indie game Web site.

DreamQuest Camp Slide Technology

About DreamQuest Academy

DreamQuest Academy offers a fun 2-week camp experience to kids and teens ages 10-16, with each camp session limited to just 15 students. Under the guidance of our industry-experienced instructors, students design and build their own unique video game using Unity3D. We incorporate a STEM curriculum into our camp syllabus, and students make friends while joining up in teams to create a video game. Camps available at: Boulder, Louisville/Lafayette, Longmont, Westminster, Cherry Creek, Denver Tech Center, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction. Students can choose from four session dates per location in 2014: June 2-13, June 16-27, July 7-18, and July 21-August 1.

Contact Information

DreamQuest Academy c/o DreamQuest Games
Christopher Williamson
PO Box 18, Lafayette, CO 80026
303-953-4456 fun@dreamquest.org
https://dreamquest.org/camps http://dreamquestgames.com

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