Check out our students’ award winning games from past camps!


Most Creative Game

Robo Havoc: You woke up one day and realized, you are a robot! Therefore the only reasonable option is to go and destroy the city! Take control of your bomb-producing robot to shatter the city to little pieces before the time runs out! Robo Havoc was created by Eric, Peter and Cole.

Best Story & Game Play

Hexenacht: Something wicked (and adorable) this way comes! In Hexenacht you are creating a potion to raise the dead as an adorable Witch named Alice. Talk to your friends, find the ingredients and make the potion; using it or not is up to you. Hexenacht was developed by Dylan, Dillon, Ellie and Conner.

Best Graphics & Atmosphere

Dead Night: A dark horror game in which you find yourself alone in your countryside house when a stalker breaks through your window. Either find your phone and call the police, or grab your keys and drive away before he gets you! Dead Night was developed by Caleb, Madison, Ari and Ari.

Best 2D Game

Corgi Cop-Sheep Rescue: Disaster strikes when a group of sheep miners is stranded in a cave system with nondescript predators! It’s up to you as Corgi Cop to guide the sheep to safety and out of the jaws of danger! Corgi Cop was developed by Jill, Caleb, Mick, Stephan, and Christopher. Corgi Cop: Sheep Rescue is playable on Andriod devices.

Best Virtual Reality Game

Minimize: Who says that scientists can’t get their hands dirty in Minimize! You’ve developed a revolutionary device that allows you to shrink down to 80 times smaller then your normal size. But a group of mercenaries was hired to steal your research! Use your invention to escape your house with your research in Minimize. Minimize was developed by Jaime, Gary and Erin. Minimize is playable with the Oculus Rift.