Ever wanted to ride a dragon? Want to come work and play with us and feed your inner-child as well as help others on our amazing team feed theirs?

At DreamQuest Academy, we are a 501c3 non-profit school that inspires young minds through creative play. We achieve this through our fun afterschool and summer programs that teach kids how to code, improve social skills, and build their own virtual worlds inside of videogames.

As our official Office Wizard and Joy Ambassador, your primary quests would include:

  • Conjuring an organized, nurturing, and fortified office fort against enemy attack,
  • Assisting our other valiant knights and wizards complete their quests for the kids,
  • Spreading joy to kids, parents, and educators via phone, email, and messenger pigeon,
  • Charming the occasional challenging troll or puzzle that may block your way,
  • Reaching out to our amazing community (especially the schools) through special events.

You are qualified for this position if you:

  • Have experience and references as a personal or executive assistant either formally as a job or informally as a stay-at-home mom or dad and are able to juggle a wide variety of tasks and act as a sounding board for ideas with Christopher and the rest of our talented team.
  • Have customer service experience and solid technical skills and are equally comfortable on the phone, answering emails, or speaking with parents, kids, and teachers in person.
  • Possess strong listening and interpersonal skills, and effective oral and written presentation communication skills. Experience teaching, marketing, bookkeeping, grant writing, or working with Google Docs, Photoshop, WordPress, or social media a big plus.
  • You love checklists and labelmakers – creating them, using them, improving them, getting others in your organization to use them, are extremely well organized, can take direction and good notes, and then get it done with minimal direction.

Work schedule: Flexible 25-35 hours/week, ideally MTuThF 8-2, in our Lafayette office plus some running around to schools, class locations, or special events we might be at.

Compensation: $15-$25/hour based on experience


How to apply: TRUE WIZARDS ONLY!

Please do not apply for this position unless you are certain you can help Christopher and the rest of our team be more productive. This is a highly coveted position and we require an A+ player!

If that is you, then please submit a 6-question inquiry ASAP for this position here: