Learn More About Our Different Summer Camp Programs

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Summer camps are a good time for kids to do things they would never do at school while having a lot of fun. Today we are to explain how at DreamQuest Games Camp kids can learn to make a game in 1 to 2 weeks and still have the time of their lives making friends and doing field trips and other awesome activities. Our different summer camp programs evolve around the idea to encourage kids to be creative while developing their skills in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). DreamQuest Games Camp is also about bonding and friendship as kids will partner in teams to cooperate in order to pitch their own ideas and undertake a common project.

  • The one week camp is the right introduction to learn about video game development. During this week, video game industry experts will guide kids on the very first steps of game making. Using Unity3D, kids will have more freedom than in any other software to build their own interactive virtual world.
  • The In-Depth Camp program is the perfect way for kids to gain good knowledge and practice game development. During the two-week session, kids will increase their knowledge of game development by learning coding. By the end of the program, they will present a polished game with sound, music and an overall better design.
  • The Advanced Camp is for kids who already have been to one of our past 2-week program as they will need basic knowledge of game development . For two weeks, kids will . The program also comprises the very first step to more complex programming using C# language. Finally, each team will get to see its own game submitted as an application to the Apple App Store to download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Our special schedule helps kids be more attentive and focused during game design sessions while they can relax during free-play time. An afternoon will be dedicated to a field trip in a game development studio so that they can see the behind-the-scenes of how their favorite games are made.

By the end of each camps, teams will be proud enough of their achievement to build a game they will present their games in front of the other teams prior to a final presentation to parents. Finally, each team will be rewarded with a Junior Developer Certificate ; the best games will be awarded in each category: best design, best original idea and best story. Moreover, kids will come back home with all of their hard work so that they can use their newly learned skills to continue building their game after the camp.

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