Last Year’s DreamQuest Summer Camp Awards


SOS Final Presentation Blog Post

Hey everyone, we are proud to present to you the games that won our last summer camp awards. During our camps last year we were absolutely blown away by the games our students planned, designed and made. Each team was rewarded with a Junior Developer Certificate; however, the best games were awarded in each category: Most Creative, Best Animation, Technical Excellence and Best Overall Game.

In only two weeks, kids learned enough to take matter into their own hand, and instead of just passively consuming video games, they were able to pour their imagination into their very own creation. At that age, it may appear heavy to assimilate new notions and knowledge in order to build video games, but thanks to our daily schedule alternating programming lessons with free play time, outdoor activities and field trips, kids are better at focusing for a period of time on building their game.

Last year, five teams won an award according to their most developed components. Engineer Odyssey, by Elder Moon Games team was awarded Best Overall game because of their skilled use of Unity3D to create a world invaded by skeletons and epic fights. F_O_G, by Team Bleu Productions surprised us with a puzzle game and were rewarded with the Most Creative Award. The Quelsa team, winners of Technical Excellence, made their dream come true with Robot Revolution, a first person shooter in which players have to put an end to robots’ riots. SOS by Girl Scouts Studios was chosen as co-owner of the Most Creative game award because of its unique world, as a military players have to find a way to evade murdering whales and get to the radio communications. And finally, Dat Cookie Doh! team won Best Animation thanks to their amazing work on Zombie Warfare.

During the presentation at the end of the camps, parents, families and friends were impressed by the quality and the depth of each virtual and interactive worlds our students made. And because our students went back home with their video games and continue working on it, we were pleasantly surprised to hear back from one of our team who managed to get money out of their game. It is part of the reason why we have introduced an Advanced session where we will help kids learn even more about game design so that they can complete a game and have it selected as an actual application to be downloaded officially from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Try the games out over here