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Meet our mascot, Questie

This Questie was created by one of our Minecraft fans. He may remind you of Minecraft, Cube Word, or even Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Want to design your own game for this Questie? If so, sign up for an after-school program today!

Kid Questions, Answered by Questie!

Kid: Ok, what is a video game design program?
Questie: It’s a place where you come together with other kids to learn how to make your very own video games!

Kid: What programs will I use to make my game?
Questie: You will use Unity. Advanced kids/teens can also learn C#.

Kid: Is it all work, or do I get to play video games, too?
Questie: Of course we play video games! We have free times during the day where kids play their favorite video games as well as try out other students’ games.

Kid: Besides programming the game, what else will I get to do?
Questie: You will primarily do game and level design, making a game FUN/SCARY/EXCITING, and play-testing games. You also get to learn 2D and 3D art as well as sound creation.

Kid: What platform(s) will I be able to create a game for?
Questie: Your game APP will be built in Unity for the web, iPhone, iPad, or Android phones, or PC/Mac!

Kid: I heard I need to bring a laptop. Will my Mac laptop work?
Questie: Yes! You can bring either a Mac or PC laptop to camp, and it won’t matter if your team members all have a different laptop than you! If you don’t have a laptop, maybe you can borrow one from your parents, a sibling, or a friend. If you want to buy a laptop, talk with your parents. You can use our laptop recommendations as a guide for purchasing your laptop.

Kid: What ages of kids will be there?
Questie: Our students range in age from 7 – 16. Even if you are the youngest or oldest, you’ll find others with your same interests and abilities. You have access to expert game programmers and artists who will help you advance at your skill level whether you are a beginner or experienced designer or programmer.

Kid: For the Summer Programs, how early does camp start? I like to sleep in during the summer.
Questie: We know you like to sleep in, so we have both morning and afternoon camps! Our morning camps start at 9:00am, and our afternoon camps start up right after lunch at 1:00pm.

Kid: Can I take my game home with me?
Questie: Yes! You can work on your game at home during the camp session, and you’ll even get to keep your game and work on it after the program is over.

Kid: I want to show all of my friends my game. Can I do that?
Questie: Of course! You can share your game with friends near and far. I bet even your grandparents will want to take a peek!

Kid: My friend and I want to make a game together. Can we come to a program and do that?
Questie: We love when friends come together! You and your friend(s) will team up with other students to create your game. You and your friend(s) will have fun working on your game even after camp has ended.

Kid: Will we get to publish our game, or will you help me “break into the game industry” with my game?
Questie: Yes, of course! We have helped former students successfully launch their own “Indie” game. If this is a goal you have, be sure to let us know when you arrive at camp.

Kid: What is the food like at the Summer Programs?
Questie: You will bring your own drinks and snacks. If you’re staying for both the morning and afternoon camps, you’ll have to bring your own lunch also.

Kid: How long are your Programs?
Questie: The Summer Programs are two weeks long, Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 12:30pm and 1:00pm – 4:30pm. Two weeks will give you and your team enough time to create a game and spend lots of time playing, too!

Our Afterschool Programs are from 2:30-5:00, depending on when your school day ends, and run for 1 hour and 15 minutes. They last for 6 class sessions.

Kid: Do we spend all of our day on the computer? My parents never let me do that!
Questie: Yes, most of our day is spent on the computer. We do take breaks to play some non-computer games such as Werewolf (a hidden identity role playing game), Ninja, or board games. Your free time is yours to do as you wish – play a game by yourself, play with a friend, or work on your own game.

Kid: Do we go on any field trips (Summer Program Only)?
Questie: Yes! Depending on your camp location and session date, the field trips vary. We hope to visit a working game studio and have a pool party. At past camps, we have visited local game studios such as BackFlip (creators of DragonVale), Phobic, and Leviathan Games.

Kid: How can I tell my friends about the video game design programs?
Questie: You can tell them to come visit us here online!

Kid: Where is the camp?
Questie: Many places! There are camps in Boulder, Denver, Lafayette, and a lot of other nearby towns! On the parents’ page we have our current locations listed and updated frequently.

Kid: I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?
Questie: You can email your question to or fill out our contact form.

Check out our Award Winning games from 2014 and 2015!

2015 Award Winning games

Award Game Title Description
Most Creative Game Robo Havoc: You woke up one day and realized, you are a robot! Therefore the only reasonable option is to go and destroy the city! Take control of your bomb-producing robot to shatter the city to little pieces before the time runs out! Robo Havoc was created by Eric, Peter and Cole.
Best Story & Gameplay Hexenacht: Something wicked (and adorable) this way comes! In Hexenacht you are creating a potion to raise the dead as an adorable Witch named Alice. Talk to your friends, find the ingredients and make the potion; using it or not is up to you. Hexenacht was developed by Dylan, Dillon, Ellie and Conner.
Best Graphics & Atmosphere Dead Night: A dark horror game in which you find yourself alone in your countryside house when a stalker breaks through your window. Either find your phone and call the police, or grab your keys and drive away before he gets you! Dead Night was developed by Caleb, Madison, Ari and Ari.
Best 2D Game Corgi Cop-Sheep Rescue: Disaster strikes when a group of sheep miners is stranded in a cave system with nondescript predators! It’s up to you as Corgi Cop to guide the sheep to safety and out of the jaws of danger! Corgi Cop was developed by Jill, Caleb, Mick, Stephan, and Christopher. Corgi Cop: Sheep Rescue is playable on Andriod devices.
Best Virtual Reality Game Minimize: Who says that scientists can’t get their hands dirty in Minimize! You’ve developed a revolutionary device that allows you to shrink down to 80 times smaller then your normal size. But a group of mercenaries was hired to steal your research! Use your invention to escape your house with your research in Minimize. Minimize was developed by Jaime, Gary and Erin.Minimize is playable with the Oculus Rift.

2014 Award Winning games

Award Game Title Description
CO – Most Creative Game F_O_G: A creative Puzzle Game involving purple fog that will get you if you’re not careful!
Best Animation Zombie Warfare: Fight your way through hordes of zombies, and conduct your war on them.
Best Technical Excellence Robot Revolution: Put down the Robot Riots in this first person shooter.
CO – Most Creative Game SOS: In a unique underwater world full of murdering whales, only you have the power to reach the communications tower and escape.
Best Overall Game Engineer Odyssey Title Engineer Odyssey: Epic fights with hordes of undead skeletons, be ready for this spooky scary video game!