Hello everyone! My name is Jacob, I’m one of the instructors here at Dreamquest Academy. I figured I’d write some posts to tell you about the way we do things here at DQA. This first post will be about the Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a concept we came up with to help students get started on making games, without needed to go through the difficult and sometimes confusing starting process. It’s a very small, basic game that students can experiment around with, break, fix, and modify, all in order to get them comfortable with using Unity. It usually looks like this:CropperCapture[2]

This is MarbleBasic, our most commonly used Sandbox. Some of our more focused camps (like the upcoming Adventure Game camp) will use more specialized sandboxes, but for most of our camps and after-school programs, MarbleBasic provides a perfect jumping off point.

These Sandboxes are full of custom-made scripts, objects, and environments that allow kids to create their own games quickly. These ‘Toys’ act like LEGO bricks, giving the the power to exercise their creativity without being bogged down in the more heavy technical aspects of Unity.

I hope you enjoyed that little sneak-peak into one of our methods, next week I’ll give a preview of some of the Toys themselves!