DreamQuest Games Camp at SuperKids Again This Year

DQ Game Camp at SuperKids 2015

Hey everyone, a heads up as we are participating to SuperKids Expo in Flatirons Crossing on April 11th. This expo will be a great way to connect with parents, and talk about our camp.

We will be on stage to demonstrate how to build a video game so parents can see what kids do at our summer camp; and throughout the day, we will also have kids help us create smaller games with their own ideas. Of course, games made by are past students will be playable so that anyone can experience what incredible worlds kids can build in just two weeks. Last but not least, we will bring OculusVR, a virtual reality headset for which kids will make games during our 2-week Advanced camp session.

Come and join us for a chitchat at SuperKids next week!

Take a look at what we did during last year’s SuperKids :