Computer Programming Teaches Kids to Teach Themselves

Does teaching my child how to program computers really increase their long-term success educationally? We think this is such an important question and there have been a lot of articles written on the benefits. With our new after-school programs, we really can help kids develop their STEM and Problem-Solving Skills. Here’s an excerpt from the article, “Coded for Success” written by a high school teacher in Australia:

In fact, there has been a lot of study into the benefits of learning to program. According to recent studies, teaching basic coding can increase problem solving skills. Golpin (2014) writes: being able to follow programming logic trains the mind to think in more analytical ways. I believe that debugging a program leads to better problem solving skills. I also believe these skills can be taught using programs like Scratch, Gamemaker, Kodu, and others, without emphasizing the need to learn “hard core ” programming languages like C++ or PHP.

Seymour Papert (Schwarz, 1999), one of the bet known advocates for teaching computer science and programming in schools, sums this up well: ‘anyone who has witnessed a toddler using a computer has probably experienced a sense of awe at that child’s facility with what for adults can be an infinitely frustrating gadget. It’s one thing for a child to play a computer game; it’s another thing altogether for a child to build his or her own game. And this, according to Papert, is where the computer’s true power as an educational medium lies — in the ability to facilitate and extend children’s awesome natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, draw conclusions — in short to learn — all by themselves. It is this very drive, Papert contends, that is squelched by our current educational system.’
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This article was posted in 2014 and C++ has been replaced by C# which our programmers know how to use and train. It’s imperative to have a team that is willing to remain relevant on the latest techniques. Teaching children to construct and learn on their own is a powerful skill and our after-school programs and summer camps will help them….while they have fun! If you live in Boulder County, Colorado and are interested in one of our programs check out our blog post here or register here.

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