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Passionate Instructors and Assistants Needed for Gaming Summer Camps

DreamQuest Academy is seeking passionate Quest Masters (instructors) and Familiars (assistants) for its 2016 Gaming Summer Camps. Become the quest-givers in our game design camps and help the kids gain xp and level up their talents. We are a 501c3 non-profit school that inspires young minds through creative play. We achieve this through our fun afterschool and summer programs that teach kids how to code, improve social skills, and build their own virtual worlds inside of videogames. We hold camps and classes at schools and stores in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Denver, and at our main office in Lafayette.

As an Quest Master (instructor), you will primarily be responsible for:

  • Guiding campers on 1-week or 2-week quests to design a game in Unity or mod in Minecraft using a predetermined curriculum,
  • Providing hints and strategies to help campers overcome obstacles,
  • Tracking XP and HP for campers (achievements, points of challenge/difficulty, attendance, etc.),
  • Informing the High Council of particularly difficult encounters or great successes,
  • Making sure Familiars (assistants) are being used appropriately by campers,
  • Guaranteeing campers level up certain skills on their quests (being accountable for a minimum set of demonstrable skills learned).

As a Familiar (assistant), you will primarily be responsible for:

  • Keeping campers on the right path, and encouraging them to complete their quest,
  • Clearing the trails (setting up and breaking down class spaces daily and light cleanup),
  • Ensuring campers’ equipment is battle-ready (assisting with hardware/software issues where possible),
  • Helping the Quest Master keep track of campers’ XP and HP,
  • Other duties as given by the Quest Master.

The ideal candidate would be comfortable working with elementary- and middle-school aged kids and have experience developing in Unity, working knowledge of Minecraft, and some Javascript and/or C# coding experience. The High Council will provide training to the right applicants who may have less experience in some areas; being comfortable with technology and having strong communication skills to help clarify and overcome challenges are some of the most important traits we are looking for.

Both Quest Masters (Instructors) and Familiars (Assistants) should have the following:

  • Familiarity and comfortability with technology in general, Unity, Minecraft, and Javascript/C# a bonus
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, both with adults and kids
  • Ability to follow a curriculum or plan, but also improvise where appropriate to make sure things run smoothly and goals get accomplished
  • Strong organizational skills

Work schedule: 1-week camps begin May 31, 2016 and continue each week until August 12, 2016. 8:30AM – 5:00PM. Please discuss with the High Council which weeks you will be available to work. Camps will be held at our main office in Lafayette, as well as various BVSD schools and stores in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and Denver.

There will be a MANDATORY training day/orientation on Friday, May 27th, 2016 at our main office at 805 Excalibur St., Lafayette, CO 80026. You MUST attend this training to be considered for these positions. 

Compensation: $15-$25/hour based on experience. We ask that assistants volunteer for one week of camps so both you and staff can make sure a working relationship will work going forward throughout the summer. Compensation for future camps will be determined after the first week of camps are completed.

How to apply: Fill out this form and we will get back to you with further information

DreamQuest 2016 STEM Videogame Camp Update: 4 Sold Out, 7 Limited, 4 New Classes

There may be snow on the ground for some of you, but NEWSFLASH! May has arrived! We start camp in just 4 weeks!

2016 STEM Videogame Summer Camp Update: 4 Sold Out, 7 Limited, 4 New Classes

DreamQuest Academy’s 2016 summer STEM camp signups are in full swing and classes are filling up! 3 of our camps are already sold out and 6 have only a few seats left! Our new Minecraft-based coding camps have been so popular that we’ve opened up registrations for NEW camps in Longmont the week of June 13-17 (at Tinkermill) and in central Boulder the week of June 20-25 (at Alfalfa’s)! Check our schedule below and click the links to register your kids soon before spots run out!

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DQ Academy Seeking Passionate Volunteers and Staff

Do you have the CREATIVE PASSION and SKILLS to INSPIRE the next generation of game designers?

What DreamQuest can offer you:

  • Flexible work schedule (ideal for parents or students)
  • Fun and fulfilling work inspiring kids and serving the community
  • Gamedev training from industry pros and access to our network
  • Competitive pay: $12-$20/hour

What DreamQuest is looking for:

  • Solid writing and communication skills
  • Passion for education and/or gaming, teaching experience ideal
  • Technical skills in Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, WordPress, etc.

Currently seeking ambitious:

  • Instructors and Camp TAs (internships available!)
  • Game Designers, Programmers, and Producers
  • Illustrators, Modelers, Riggers, and Animators
  • Videographers, Editors, and Sound Engineers
  • Social Media, SEO, and Community Outreach
  • Web Marketers and Graphic Designers

To apply, please click here and fill out our application form!

Computer Programming Teaches Kids to Teach Themselves

Does teaching my child how to program computers really increase their long-term success educationally? We think this is such an important question and there have been a lot of articles written on the benefits. With our new after-school programs, we really can help kids develop their STEM and Problem-Solving Skills. Here’s an excerpt from the article, “Coded for Success” written by a high school teacher in Australia:

In fact, there has been a lot of study into the benefits of learning to program. According to recent studies, teaching basic coding can increase problem solving skills. Golpin (2014) writes: being able to follow programming logic trains the mind to think in more analytical ways. I believe that debugging a program leads to better problem solving skills. I also believe these skills can be taught using programs like Scratch, Gamemaker, Kodu, and others, without emphasizing the need to learn “hard core ” programming languages like C++ or PHP.

Seymour Papert (Schwarz, 1999), one of the bet known advocates for teaching computer science and programming in schools, sums this up well: ‘anyone who has witnessed a toddler using a computer has probably experienced a sense of awe at that child’s facility with what for adults can be an infinitely frustrating gadget. It’s one thing for a child to play a computer game; it’s another thing altogether for a child to build his or her own game. And this, according to Papert, is where the computer’s true power as an educational medium lies — in the ability to facilitate and extend children’s awesome natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, draw conclusions — in short to learn — all by themselves. It is this very drive, Papert contends, that is squelched by our current educational system.’
Get the full article here

This article was posted in 2014 and C++ has been replaced by C# which our programmers know how to use and train. It’s imperative to have a team that is willing to remain relevant on the latest techniques. Teaching children to construct and learn on their own is a powerful skill and our after-school programs and summer camps will help them….while they have fun! If you live in Boulder County, Colorado and are interested in one of our programs check out our blog post here or register here.

Please also feel free to send any questions to:


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STEM Hacker After-School Programs in Boulder County Schools Starting October 2015


It’s time! DreamQuest Academy is proud to offer their new After-School Program! Starting October 5, 2015, for four weeks, DreamQuest Academy will be training kids how to build their own 3D video games using state-of-the-art programming techniques. It…will…be..epic!

We have two locations where we will be offering this program.

Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield: M,W Nights from 4-6 P.M. at Courtyard by Marriott conference room located at 948 W. Dillon Rd Louisville, CO 80027. Starts October 5, 2015

Boulder/Gunbarrel Area: T, Th Nights from 4-6 P.M. at Karliquin’s Game Knight located at 6545 Gunpark Drive Suite #270 Boulder, CO 80301. Starts October 6, 2015

Register Here!

Concepts That Will Be Covered

  • MAKE FRIENDS and learn TEAMWORK as your group builds a unique game
  • NAVIGATE a scene and manipulate objects in Unity3D
  • BUILD an environment / level for your game and add props and items
  • Utilize STEM concepts: physics, gravity, triggers, to make stuff happen in your game
  • DESIGN your game story and learn game theory elements to make it fun
  • ANIMATE challenges, puzzles, monsters, and obstacles for the player
  • CODE a UI HUD and add particle effects, shaders, audio effects for more sparkle
  • TEST your game and other students’ games, learn to give/take constructive criticism
  • PRESENT your final game project to family and friends and take pride your creation!

Register Here!

We cannot wait to see you and get you started developing your own video game!


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