STEM Hacker After-School Programs in Boulder County Schools Starting October 2015


It’s time! DreamQuest Academy is proud to offer their new After-School Program! Starting October 5, 2015, for four weeks, DreamQuest Academy will be training kids how to build their own 3D video games using state-of-the-art programming techniques. It…will…be..epic!

We have two locations where we will be offering this program.

Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield: M,W Nights from 4-6 P.M. at Courtyard by Marriott conference room located at 948 W. Dillon Rd Louisville, CO 80027. Starts October 5, 2015

Boulder/Gunbarrel Area: T, Th Nights from 4-6 P.M. at Karliquin’s Game Knight located at 6545 Gunpark Drive Suite #270 Boulder, CO 80301. Starts October 6, 2015

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Concepts That Will Be Covered

  • MAKE FRIENDS and learn TEAMWORK as your group builds a unique game
  • NAVIGATE a scene and manipulate objects in Unity3D
  • BUILD an environment / level for your game and add props and items
  • Utilize STEM concepts: physics, gravity, triggers, to make stuff happen in your game
  • DESIGN your game story and learn game theory elements to make it fun
  • ANIMATE challenges, puzzles, monsters, and obstacles for the player
  • CODE a UI HUD and add particle effects, shaders, audio effects for more sparkle
  • TEST your game and other students’ games, learn to give/take constructive criticism
  • PRESENT your final game project to family and friends and take pride your creation!

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We cannot wait to see you and get you started developing your own video game!


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