2015 Camp Games

Play games created by students at the last video game design camp!

After School Hacker Program: October 5th – 28th

Game Title Genre Description
RPG Shipaimoto:  It’s just like your classic RPG story, only this time the hero has failed.  There’s no game over, there’s no restart or reset…  Live and learn from your mistakes, as you attempt to make up for the horrible future you let come to pass in Shipaimoto.  Shipaimoto was created by Sam, Erin and Joseph.
FPS / Horror Spirit Apocalypse: In the future a horrible explosion will leave most people dead, unless you have something to say about it.  Travel to the future to save as many people as you can from the terrible ghosts and bring them back to the past alive!  Spirit Apocalypse was made by Maxx, Zakk, Andrew and Kyler.

Session 8 – June 1st Two Week Camp

Game Title Genre Description
Sandbox / Comedy Robo Havoc: You woke up one day and realized, you are a robot!  Therefore the only reasonable option is to go and destroy the city!  Take control of your bomb-producing robot to shatter the city to little pieces before the time runs out!  Robo Havoc was created by Eric, Peter and Cole.
RPG / Mystery Murder Week: You’ve been called in to track down a killer trapped on an island in Murder Week.  Talk your way through the citizens of town, finding clues and following the trail of the killer.  Do you have what it takes to stop them before time runs out and everyone is dead?  Murder Week was made my Wendy, Nate, Noah and Annalise.
RPG / Turn-Based / 2D Western Gunman: Escape from a futuristic Western prison is Western Gunman.  This game hearkens back to the days of Pokemon and Earthbound with turn based combat action as you make your escape out of prison.  Western Gunman was made my Max, Chris, AJ and Conor.

Session 9 – August 3rd Two Week Camp

Puzzle / Adventure  The Ancient Ones: A sprawling upbeat adventure game, in which you use a powerful magical artifact that manipulates gravity to traverse a massive cave.  Make it though the level and defeat the final obstacle to claim your prize!  The Ancient Ones was developed by Christian, Issac, Jack and Daniel.
Horror Dead Night: A dark horror game in which you find yourself alone in your countryside house when a stalker breaks through your window.  Either find your phone and call the police, or grab your keys and drive away before he gets you!  Dead Night was developed by Caleb, Madison, Ari and Ari.

Session 10 – June 22nd 2 week Camp

RPG / Adventure The Elemental Swords: Air, Earth, Water and Fire…  These are the four elements that make up the world, and make up The Elemental Swords.  Take control of your hero to gather up all four of the elemental swords in order to banish evil from the world!  The Elemental Swords was developed by Aidan, Griffin, Kenzie, and Sora.
FPS/Action Dead Inside: You wake up in a hospital during the Zombie Apocalypse.  Find your weapons, and learn to use them quickly if you hope to survive the dead things that are inside with you.  Dead Inside was developed by Gage, Tristian, and Carson.
On-Rails / Adventure Goblin Age: The age of man is over, the age of the Goblin has now begun…  You are the hero in charge of getting up the hill, avoiding obstacles and enemies in order to reach your goal and save the world!  Goblin Age was developed by Avery, Brandon, Jacob, and Mick.

Session 11 – June 29th One Week Camp

Tower Defense / FPS Medieval Warfare: Orcs, Goblins and other monsters are attacking your castle, the only response is to engage in Medieval Warfare!  Build towers, cast spells, and protect your castle from the forces of evil in this game.  Medieval Warfare was developed in Evan, Eli, Matthew, Stefan and Noah.
Action / FPS Intergalactic Strike: Alone on an enemy space station, it’s your job to strike at the heart of the alien menace; Intergalatically!  With a veritable arsenal of weapons including a homing Bee Gun, stay alive as you run and gun your way through the alien space station.  Intergalactic Strike was developed by Brendan, Caleb, Gavin, Ben and Calvin.
Action / Adventure Dark Versus Light: The world is under threat from the Dark Wind, and you alone have the power of the Light to stop it!  In Dark Versus Light, take control of your hero and her magical sword in order to slay the Dark Wind and save the world!  Dark Versus Light was developed by Joel, Caleb, Indigo and Aeon.

Session 12 – July 6th Two Week Camp

Driving Drive to Death’s Door: Your parents are on their death bed, and you are miles away from them!  Race to the finish to see your parents one last time before their time on Earth is done in Drive to Death’s Door!  Drive to Death’s Door was developed by Sora, Bradan, Daniel and Angelique.
Adventure Hexenacht: Something wicked (and adorable) this way comes!  In Hexenacht you are creating a potion to raise the dead as an adorable Witch named Alice.  Talk to your friends, find the ingredients and make the potion; using it or not is up to you.  Hexenacht was developed by Dylan, Dillon, Ellie and Conner.

Session 13 – July 20th Two Week Camp

Racing / Action Road Rage: Problems driving?  Too many other people on the road?  A pair of rocket launchers on the back of your car should solve all of your problems!  In Road Rage, race to the finish before your rivals, but you have rockets to give you an advantage.  Road Rage was developed by Jayden, Nathaniel, Jack and Samuel.
Atmospheric Platformer The Gate: In a world where everyone lives in a terrible dystopia, only one person… Well robot person has what it takes to escape the horrible future that awaits you in The Gate.  The Gate was developed by Alana, Maxx, Matt and Jordan.
F FPS Action / Adventure Wreckage of Mars: Your ship has crash landed on Mars, and you’re surrounded by a swarm of deadly aliens bent on your destruction!  Fight your way out with an arsenal of weapons and stay alive in Wreckage Of Mars.  Wreckage of Mars was developed by Bradon, Owen, Michael, and Patrick.
FPS Adventure Rule the Islands: You are lone mercenary who stumbles upon a island with light resistance, the only logical thing to do is take it over and start your own mercenary empire right?  In Rule the Islands you have a plethora of weapons and a water crossing jet car that will help you take over!  Rule the Islands was developed by Joey, Zack, Aiden and Trey.

Session 14 – July 20th One Week Camp

Adventure Bone Quest: The legend of the Rainbow Puppy lives on in Bone Quest!  Take control of an adorable dog and collect all the bones you can while avoiding kittens who attack you.  Do you have what it takes to collect all the bones and become the Rainbow Puppy?  Bone Quest was developed by Kylie, Carson, Olivia, Pierce and Haven.
Action / FPS Komplete Khaos: Take control of an evil alien who lands on earth only to cause Komplete Khaos!!!  Rampage through a town with your gravity gun in order to shatter it into tiny pieces and just cause Khaos!  Be careful of tanks though, the more you destroy the more tanks try to stop you.  Komplete Khaos was developed by Spencer, Alex, Austin, Jakob, and Tyler.

Session 15 – August 3rd Two Week ADVANCED Camp

Puzzle / Platformer Minimize: Who says that scientists can’t get their hands dirty in Minimize!  You’ve developed a revolutionary device that allows you to shrink down to 80 times smaller then you size.  But a group of mercenaries were hired to steal your research!  Use your invention to escape your house with your research in Minimize.  Minimize was developed by Jaime, Gary and Erin.Minimize is playable with the Oculus Rift
Strategy / Mobile Corgi Cop-Sheep Rescue: Disaster strikes when a group of sheep miners is stranded in a cave system with non-descript predators!  It’s up to you as Corgi Cop to guide the sheep to safety and out of the jaws of danger!  Corgi Cop was developed by Jill, Caleb, Mick, Stephan, and Christopher.Corgi Cop: Sheep Rescue is playable on Andriod devices.